Middletown Dog Daycare

Dogs have a blast when they stay with us. We have luxurious amenities, spacious play centers, and loving staff. It’s important to know that you’re leaving your dog in a safe place, and our facility has won awards for our dependability and high standing in our field.

Pups Have an Ulti-mutt Time at Greenlin Daycare Center

Sometimes it’s not practical to leave your dog at home while you’re away. Whether you spend your afternoons in the office, running errands, or adventuring, your pup might be bored at home. Many dogs crave constant stimulation, and most others benefit from consistent attention and enriching activities.

You can give your dog their own adventure, and in a safe place, when you sign them up for Greenlin doggie daycare! We’ve built a doggy Disneyland full of a pup’s favorite things. Your dog will never have a dull moment. They'll enjoy running through spacious grass yards, swimming in our specially built dog pool, and making friends with other daycare guests.

Come check us out! Our dog daycare is open seven days a week, and we’d love to have you. Call (717) 904-3557 or stop by in person to see our facility for yourself. We’re located at 600 Schoolhouse Rd. Middletown, PA 17057, on the East Shore, conveniently off Route 283 at the Toll House Road exit.

Why Join Our Dog Daycare Program?

You can leave your dog at home, or even bring them to another daycare, but nothing compares to Greenlin! We are dedicated to creating the perfect daytime oasis for every dog, and we’ve thought it out down to the finest details.

Our facility has been named “Simply the Best” by Harrisburg Magazine for a decade and counting. Trusted by the community, vet recommended, and passionate about pets, your pup is in good hands with us.

We’ve Got a Clean Record

We take cleanliness seriously. Our thorough sanitization practices include a daily common area cleaning, frequent toy and equipment disinfecting, and play area sanitization. We want our guests to enjoy day camp safely, so we also require updated distemper, Bordetella, and rabies vaccines as a preventative measure of safety. If you have any questions about our cleaning procedures or vaccine requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us online or by phone.

All Dogs are Welcome!

We are happy to accommodate pets with special needs or medication requirements. We want all dogs to enjoy the endless list of fun activities at Greenlin, so we’ll take special care of your furry friend when they visit!

The Benefits Of Daycare

  • Physical & Mental Stimulation: Dogs need exercise and mental engagement to stay happy and healthy. Doggie daycare is a fun place for dogs to get all the socialization they crave while spending energy and having a great time!
  • Dogs Need Socialization: Social animals by nature, dogs thrive when properly socialized. Daycare is a safe place for dogs to interact with other dogs (and humans!), ultimately leading to greater confidence and composure.
  • It Prevents Boredom: Dogs can grow bored when left alone for long hours. You might come home to find your favorite furniture chewed up or a “present” on the carpet. These common canine challenges can be avoided by keeping your dog busy & entertained in our daycare program.
  • Safer Than the Dog Park or Being Left at Home: Dog parks cannot regulate how dogs interact with each other or which ones play together. Leaving your dog alone at home means they’ll have no supervision and no way to monitor what they are doing or if they are safe. We are responsible for maintaining the well-being of our guests, and we can keep your pup safer than these options.

Safety is Our Top Priority For All Doggy Daycare Guests

Our facility implements strict safety procedures into the daily routine. We have multi-layer protections that ensure your dog is in the safest place they can be while you aren’t there to supervise them.

Small Guest to Staff Ratio

We ensure that multiple staff members oversee activities and playgroups and that our daycare counselors are always available to tend to any needs. Guests are constantly monitored and never left alone. We can keep an eye on your pup while you can’t!

Daycare Counselors Are Prepared For Emergencies

Every staff member is CPR and animal First-Aid certified as an added safety precaution to keep your dog as safe as possible while out of your loving care. Staff has also completed vigorous training in animal handling and care, as well as observation training to spot potential incidents before they escalate into dangerous situations or emergencies.

We’re Great Matchmakers

We welcome dogs of all breeds, sizes, and weights, which means that a little grouping is in order to maintain a safe environment. We’ll pair your dog up in an appropriate play group with other dogs in their size and weight class, dogs of similar temperament, and other factors like age.

Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas for All Weather Conditions

Rain or rainbows, storm or shine, we are equipped to entertain your dog through any weather. While dogs love our double-fenced, 40 acres of farmland, they’ll also enjoy the 3,000 square-foot indoor play area with fun doggy apparatus’ like ramps, tunnels, and stairs.

Fantastic Daycare Amenities and Other Services

What makes our Middletown pet daycare so special is the included and additional amenities we offer to our guests. We like to think that we have something for every pup, as we’ve built a broad range of services and customizations that can help make every day a ball at Greenlin!

  • Exciting Games and Stimulating Activities - There are always fun activities, interactive games, and playtime at Greenlin. Our paw-some staff members have so much entertainment up their sleeves, so your dog will never be bored.
  • Jump Into Fun Poolside - Our built-in-ground outdoor dog pool was specially designed for pups. T Think your dog might be interested in swimming? We offer swimming lessons with one of our qualified instructors that can help them gain more confidence in the water, learn basic techniques, and even do fun tricks and play games.
  • Add A Training Session to Your Next Daycare Visit - You can pair our daycare with other services like our dog training program. While your dog is with us, they can master basic commands, learn new tricks, and gain enriching behavioral tools. Dog training is crucial to developing your dog's confidence, keeping them safe, and even communicating.
  • Special Training for Puppies Available - Dogs learn differently at each stage of their life, so what helps an adult dog learn may not be the best technique for training a young puppy. You can jump on training early with our puppy training and daycare program that starts your pup off with confidence, learning the essential commands for their age.
  • The Perfect Spa Day for Every Pup Awaits With Our Dog Bathing Services - Your pup can get a premium brush out (de-shedding available when necessary), a relaxing bath, and nail trim to come home looking their best after a long day of fun at daycare. These treatments are necessary for dogs, as their skin, coat, and paw health are all sensitive concerns that should be consistently maintained.

Give Your Furry Family a Paw-Tastic Day With Greenlin Dog Daycare in Middletown

You have many choices when it comes to dog daycares, so we’ve made sure that our services stand out to your furry family. We’ll provide a dog with everything they need, and give them all the attention and stimulation they could ever want when they’re our daycare guest. Our services are open seven days a week for busy owners who need a chaperone for their pup while they get things done.

You can call (717) 904-3557 to learn more about our daycare services and check availability for your next busy day. Extra curious about our facility? Stop by! We’d love to meet your furry family. Check us out at 600 Schoolhouse Rd. Middletown, PA 17057 off of the Toll House Road exit.