Harrisburg Puppy Daycare

You and your family members lead busy lives! With school, work, friends, and sports activities, to name a few, it can be hard to give your new puppy the attention they need. Puppy Daycare at Greenlin Harrisburg in Harrisburg can be an excellent solution for puppy parents who want to build a solid foundation of behavioral and social skills for their canine.

Quality Puppy Care

A daycare setting is ideal for preventing separation anxiety, which is a common complaint of pet parents, and one that can encourage destructive and dangerous behavior in dogs. Dogs have been known to chew, howl, urinate or try to escape when left at home by themselves for long amounts of time.

Leaving your puppy in the capable and caring hands at Greenlin can help prevent separation anxiety as well as any negative habits associated with it. Ready to set your dog up for success? Learn more about our facilities and the training courses we offer by contacting us online or calling our Greenlin Harrisburg location at 717-678-7326.

Experiences that Promote Secure Puppies

There are numerous reasons for your dog to attend Greenlin’s puppy daycare:

Run off the Excess Energy

Puppies tend to have so much energy that it can be hard to keep up with them sometimes! Our large indoor/outdoor space gives dogs plenty of room to run, jump, and chase their friends. Our games and training activities will tire them out, so you can bring them home just in time for a cuddle and a nap.

Puppy Socialization Starts Young

Puppies are naturally curious and excited to explore the new world around them. This desire is hard-wired into their brains and helps them to learn about the world. By consistently introducing new stimuli in a safe and controlled way, they will gain the confidence and self-control to become happy, adjusted adult dogs.

They Will Learn and Engage Their Curious Minds

Puppies require attention, mental stimulation, and exercise to dispel excess energy and excited zoomies. Our Greenlin Harrisburg location is equipped with a multitude of toys, games, group activities, and more. These and exciting training exercises will keep your dog engaged and learning throughout the day.

Practice a Life-Saving Skill in Swim Class

With a pool designed just for pups, your dog can take swim classes with trained instructors or enjoy supervised swimming. Our design allows puppies to get into and out of the water comfortably, so they can learn the basics of staying afloat and enjoying themselves in the water.

Top-of-Line Care at a Five-Star Facility

Our Greenlin Harrisburg location is set up to facilitate learning and ensure top-quality care. This 3,000-square-foot location features an indoor/outdoor play gym that is sanitized daily. Top-of-the-line air purifiers have also been installed to keep dust, dander, and pet hair at bay within the facility so all of our guests can breathe fresh air. Every member of staff has been trained in both First-Aid and CPR techniques for small animals. Your puppy is in safe hands at Greenlin as they are constantly supervised while engaging in fun, educational learning.

Enroll in Puppy Training at Greenlin Stay and Play

According to animal health experts, puppy socialization is imperative to raising a well-behaved and socially adjusted dog. Behaviors learned in puppyhood become quickly ingrained and may be difficult to change as the dog ages. Introducing your dog to an experienced trainer as young as possible will help to ensure your dog is on the right path from the beginning. This early development is the foundation for their behavior and training, and the habits they learn during this time can shape their behavior for the remainder of their lives.

Combining socialization with puppy training can produce even better results. It is important that your new puppy is given boundaries and taught the expected behaviors to navigate the social situations they will encounter. Doing this with respect to their internal motivators will help to prevent your pet from developing fears and anxieties that may make it hard for them to socialize with other dogs, animals, or people. Early-life training can help your dog learn the expectations of life in your family and prevent unwanted behaviors by encouraging confidence and a calm disposition in your dog.

A common area of stress for dogs is fear of strangers. According to the Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, puppies that attended training classes were more likely to respond to strangers positively. Therefore, regularly dealing with Greenlin’s friendly and experienced staff will help your puppy be flexible and friendly in various settings.

The ultimate goal of Greenlin puppy training is to teach puppies self-regulation skills. This enables them to stay calm and composed in unfamiliar settings while awaiting further direction from their owners. In daycare, your puppy will be introduced to basic commands, such as come, sit, stay, lie down, stop and drop it.

Once puppies have a firm grasp on the basic commands, the same commands will be reinforced by introducing them in a new environment or with distractions to challenge your puppy and check that they will come or sit, for example, as expected, even in new and complicated situations. Distractions will include distance and the introduction of temptations, such as food or treats.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Greenlin's Puppy Daycare Program

Are Vaccines Required?

All guests must be vaccinated against rabies, distemper, and Borterdella. Puppies younger than 16 weeks could be exempted from the rabies requirement, but an evaluation needs to be completed by a veterinarian to determine their health. After 16 weeks of age, all vaccinations are required.

How Old Does My Puppy Need to Be?

Puppies of any age are welcome after their first round of vaccination shots. Their initial immunizations should include a DA2P shot, which is usually administered around 6-8 weeks of age. After this, they are more than welcome to join the fun at Greenlin for daycare and training.

How Often Is Your Facility Cleaned?

Our health and safety practices go above and beyond. Play spaces are sanitized daily, and toys and training tools are cleaned between classes using pet-safe products. Private quarters for boarding guests are cleaned multiple times throughout the day. All indoor areas are fitted with air filters and state-of-the-art climate control systems to keep the air fresh for everyone.

What Does Greenlin Do to Mitigate Unpleasant Experiences?

Socialization can initially have some hiccups and may be a lengthy process that requires regular exposure, reinforcement, and patience. At Greenlin daycare, your puppy is in safe and caring hands in a controlled environment where they can be trained to overcome anxieties and control big emotions, like excitement, through a combination daycare and puppy training package.

Greenlin Daycare Will Treat Your Pup Like Our Own

While we might want to stay home and play with our new puppies all day, needing to leave them, whether for a day at work or a bit of relaxation, is inevitable. However, a safe and reliable daycare for your new puppy can help everyone’s lives run smoothly and get you the time off you need.

Your puppy will love socializing and learning important lessons with our fun and experienced staff. We go above and beyond to ensure your dog is comfortable and at ease in their learning environment because a puppy needs to feel safe and confident to learn and have fun.

Get the break you need while knowing your puppy is in good hands! Call 717-678-7326 or contact us online to schedule your next puppy playdate and to get answers to your questions about our services.