Harrisburg Dog Boarding

While you’re away, give your dog a chance to lounge in luxury at one of the most locally trusted and recommended pet resorts in the area. You can put together your dog’s ultimate vacation plan with our long list of amenities, and we’ll ensure that our loving caregivers give them all the affection they need.

Greenlin Pet Resorts Overnight Dog Boarding Is a Paw-some Time!

Sometimes life takes you away from home, and it can be difficult to find accommodations for your canine buddy while you’re gone. You may think about taking them with you, but that becomes even more challenging when you have to plan for things like hotels and daily activities. If you decide to leave your dog at home with a friend, you take many dangerous risks, like the possibility of them escaping or accidentally choosing a forgetful caregiver. If you do decide to leave your dog with a friend, chances are they won’t be able to lounge around with your fur-baby all day, which leaves many hours of the day unsupervised.

When you board with Greenlin, our professional caregivers can ensure that your dog is safe and cared for during all hours of the day. For dogs, we offer exciting adventures and life-long memories, but for pet parents, we offer the peace of mind of knowing that your beloved canine is safe and secured in our 5-star facility.

Are you going out of town soon? Need to give the pups some time away from home? Book a suite for your pup at Greenlin in Harrisburg. Call 717-678-7326 or contact us online to learn more about our boarding practices.

Why Choose Our Facility?

We have gathered all of a dog’s favorite comforts of home and incorporated them into our vet-recommended facility to give pups the best experience possible. While there is no place like home, leaving them (even with a caretaker) imposes risks that many pet parents aren’t willing to take.

Instead of worrying about your dog’s safety while you’re away, leave them with Greenlin, and our trained and experienced caregivers can enforce a well-rounded schedule, including activities, full meals, and lounging time.

Some highlights of our facility include:

  • Sparkling clean facilities: An essential part of a comfortable stay at a boarding facility is strict cleaning procedures. All common areas are thoroughly disinfected daily, and community toys and equipment are sanitized between uses, so every dog uses freshly cleaned equipment. On top of that, we have invested in a state-of-the-art air filtration system that removes dust, dander, and fur so all our guests breathe clean air.
  • All staff members undergo extensive training: Before our handlers are cleared to take care of any guests, they must complete comprehensive in-house training and receive multiple handling certifications. Every staff member is canine First-Aid and CPR certified, making them prepared to carry out any emergency protocols in the event they are necessary.
  • All pups are welcome! We make accommodations for special needs: We have special packages available for puppies and senior dogs who may require additional bathroom breaks and attention. For seniors, we offer orthopedic bedding to keep them comfortable through the night. For special needs dogs, we can provide extra attention and distribute medication. If you have questions about how we can care for your special needs dog, call or contact us online to speak with a member of our team.
  • Bone Appetit! Meals on their schedule: We know your dog’s feeding schedule is an important part of their daily routine, and we’d never wish to change it. We encourage all pet parents to bring a portioned supply of their dog’s food with feeding instructions.
  • Cozy, personalized suites: Each suite is big enough for your dog to have a separate lounging and eating space, and they’ll never share a room. We offer freshly laundered sheets every night, along with fresh, filtered water as necessary and daily suite cleaning.
  • Added comforts and amenities: Is your pup a couch potato, music lover, or socialite? Regardless of their personality, we have customizations to help them feel more comfortable in their space. Some suites have television viewing access, while other pups may enjoy the classical music that plays around the clock in the lodging center. Socialized dogs can also make friends in group playtime activities.

Safety is the Most Important Aspect of Boarding Dogs

When you leave your dog in the hands of another caretaker, the most important thing is that they’re in qualified hands. Our caregivers have extensive certifications, and our facility takes added precautions to keep all the dogs in our care safe.

We have built our facility and scheduled procedures around safety, including things like:

  • Fencing around the yard: Our outdoor space is huge, and we want dogs to enjoy running around freely without being constrained by a 5-foot leash. Instead, we’ve implemented a high-up fencing system.
  • Small guest-to-staff ratio: Let’s face it, sometimes dogs can be a handful! With so many dogs running around our facility, it is important that we have enough caregivers to oversee them all. We have strict standards that ensure our guest-to-staff ratio is small, with staff members constantly available where they are needed.
  • Playgroups are built to match likely friends: Once we assess your dog’s personality, we will be able to place them into activity groups with like-minded canines that share their personality type. We group dogs by breed, age, size, and temperament.
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas: No matter what the weather looks like, we have the accommodations for playtime. On sunny days, your dog can expect time to roll around in our grassy fields, but on more gloomy days, we have an endless amount of indoor fun available with toys, play equipment, and ample space to run around.
  • Overnight monitoring: Even when our staff can’t be there, our overnight monitoring system will be. We have 24/7 remote surveillance that keeps an eye on your pup even after our business hours. There is never a moment when your dog isn’t monitored.
  • Daily wellness checks: To ensure the general well-being of your dog, we will have one of our skilled pet handlers conduct a 5-point wellness check twice daily that assesses if they are hydrated, well-fed, and comfortable in our facility.
  • Immunizations keep our guests safe: When a boarding dog isn’t vaccinated, it can create dangerous risks for other pets in the facility. To keep all of our guests safe, we require that all pets are up to date with their distemper, Bordetella, and rabies vaccines.

Exciting Play Packages and Other Add-ons Make for a Memorable Dog Boarding Experience

When it comes to an overnight stay, do it the Greenlin way. This means exciting play packages with personalizable add-ons for every puppy personality. Whatever your dog likes: tv time, swimming, or being pampered in the salon, we’ve got it all at Greenlin Harrisburg.

These are some of the add-ons you can add to your dog’s stay in order to make it a more customized experience:

  • Our detailed questionnaire helps us personalize their experience: You know your dog better than anyone, so before they stay with us, we’ll ask that you complete a detailed questionnaire that helps us better understand their interests. We don’t want to put a quiet loner in a playgroup of hyperactive socialites, so this questionnaire is the best way for us to customize their schedule of activities.
  • Add a spa day to their stay: After a long day of playing, exercising, and eating treats, your pup might enjoy a relaxing bath and brush out. Have your pup returned to you looking (and smelling) fresh and clean when you add a spa day to their agenda. We can offer classic or premium bath packages, a brush-out, and paw maintenance (trimming) when your dog comes in for their service. Skin and coat maintenance isn’t just to keep your dog looking cute. Lack of skin and coat care can lead to uncomfortable symptoms.
  • Don’t forget their kiss goodnight: We know that one of the best parts of the day is snuggling in bed next to your pup. When you can’t be there, one of our loving caregivers can tuck them in, read a bedtime story, and finally, offer a kiss goodnight.

Greenlin Dog Boarding in Harrisburg Has Everything They Need for a Cozy Getaway!

Life is full of adventures, and sometimes, that takes you away from home. While you are out having your adventure, give your dog one too. Not only can our responsible caregivers ensure the safety of your pup while you’re gone, but our exciting facility is like a Disneyland for canines. With a long list of amenities, luxurious care, and a spacious amount of room to play, your dog can make friends and memories at our facility.

Going out of town soon? Book your dog a personal suite at Greenlin Harrisburg. If you have questions about the care that they’ll receive in our facility, you can call 717-678-7326 or contact us online to learn more.