Harrisburg Puppy Boarding

In this day and age, people lead busy, bustling lives. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, you will need a safe and reliable place for your pup to stay while you are away. If you are traveling or want to take advantage of our overnight training bootcamp for boarding a puppy, Greenlin’s knowledgeable and experienced staff know how to make your young puppy feel comfortable and safe and return home feeling as if they had a vacation too!

Harrisburg Boarding for Puppies

Puppies are undeniably fun and cute, but they're also little balls of energy that require constant supervision and extra care. With over 15 years of experience, our experienced and fun-loving staff are confident in caring for your puppy while you are away. Puppies can begin boarding as early as 6-8 weeks of age, as long as they have received their first round of vaccinations.

To ensure that your puppy is safe and well-cared for, Greenlin takes extra precautions. Puppies are given extra bathroom breaks and individualized attention. During optional pet daycare play sessions in Harrisburg, they are separated into smaller groups with other puppies of similar size and age.

Take your puppy on a vacation of their own with Greenlin’s luxury facilities! To learn more about boarding, check availability, schedule a tour, or learn more about puppy training, contact us online or call our Greenlin Harrisburg location at 717-678-7326.

Why Board Your Puppy at Greenlin?

Our boarding facilities are top-of-the line and adhere to strict health and safety measures. Your pup will have the best time with our exciting activity packages that are unique to meet each puppy’s needs. Read below for some ways Greenlin goes above and beyond to make your puppy feel at home.

  • Private Rooms — Every guest has their own private room where they can eat and rest comfortably. Your pet will have their fresh water changed out multiple times a day, clean bedding each night, and some even come equipped with televisions!
  • Games and Activities — A stay at Greenlin Pet Resort can include many options for exercise and entertainment. Our facility boasts acres of green space surrounded by tall, secure fences and a large indoor play gym. Your pet will always have space to run and play, rain or shine. They'll get all the exercise they need and never be bored. With all the snuggles and attention from our attentive staff, hopefully they won’t be missing you too much!
  • Daily Wellness Checks — While your pet is in our care, we want to make sure that they are thriving. Our highly-trained staff members will complete a comprehensive 5-point wellness check on your pet twice daily. These checks are intended to keep you informed of your pet’s daily well-being and alter care, if needed.
  • Feeding Schedule — A hungry dog is not one that is going to enjoy themselves! We encourage pet owners to bring a portioned supply of their usual food for their stay. Gourmet, in-house made treats are available for delivery right to your puppy’s room at your request.
  • Comforts of Home — Bedtime at Greenlin Harrisburg Pet Resort is calming and soothing. Our caregivers will tuck in your dog, if that is what they prefer, with all the cuddles and bedtime stories they need to have a goodnight’s sleep. They can also listen to classical music in their room, which can help to soothe and calm a small pup.
  • Constant Supervision — Puppies need constant attention and supervision. Our play areas are designed with only chew-friendly toys and items, and we make sure that your pet is supervised closely. As a pet parent, you will receive daily wellness check updates. We also monitor all our guests by camera to satisfy any urgent needs.
  • Cleaning and Safety — Having a clean and safe environment for our guests is our top priority! Common areas are sanitized daily, and toys and equipment are sanitized between classes to ensure all dogs have a clean place to learn. To reduce dust, dander, and pet hair within the facility, we have top-of-the-line air filtration, so guests only breathe fresh, clean air.

Our staff can administer medicine and supplements during your dog’s stay and is fully trained in pet CPR and first aid. In an emergency, you can rest assured your pet will be in capable hands until professional veterinary care can arrive. Having a well-trained and up-to-date staff makes all the difference in keeping your pups safe.

Combine Your Stay With Training

While your dog is boarding at a Greenlin Pet Resort, you can optionally add training to their stay. Taking advantage of training while your puppy stays with us can help owners see more rapid results, as it ensures consistency of training and full immersion into the learning environment.

Puppy Academy is available for dogs having an overnight stay. Here, your pup can learn new skills to help them become a well-behaved family member. Visit our Puppy Academy page for more information about the various options available to meet the varying needs of your dog and family.

Our Puppy Academy program can help younger dogs socialize with humans as well as other dogs. They will also learn to respond to commands, such as sit, stay, and drop it, and extra bathroom breaks encourage your pup to potty train. Their stay provides an accelerated opportunity to learn and hone skills that can help them lead safe, happy, healthy lives, while influencing their behavior positively for a lifetime.

Our trained staff understands that each dog is different and has their own personality traits. Therefore, when creating your program, they strive to make sure your dog feels safe and secure in their surroundings. This can impact how receptive your dog is to learning and how well they retain the skills, so creating a positive environment is of uttermost importance to our staff.

Being in a consistent and immersive environment helps puppies to learn fast and retain their new skills. Resources will also be provided to interested pet parents so you can maintain and continue training at home.

A Safe and Nurturing Place to Stay When You Are Away

Our boarding services come with over 20 years of experience and are veterinary recommended. We require that all staff members are trained and current in vet-approved health and safety measures. These approaches have earned us the Harrisburg Magazine’s “Simply the Best!” award for over ten years and counting!

Your puppy will love socializing and learning important lessons with our fun and experienced staff. We go above and beyond to ensure your dog is comfortable and at ease in their environment because a puppy needs to feel safe and confident to learn and have fun. Our Puppy Academy enrollees are guaranteed to come home knowing more and are better equipped to integrate into the household.

Get the vacation you need while knowing your puppy is in good hands! Call 717-678-7326, or contact us online!