Harrisburg Pet Boarding

When you go on vacation, give your pets one too. Your life can’t always be centered around the house, and your pet’s shouldn’t either. When you bring your pet to Greenlin, they’ll receive top-notch care from qualified professionals equipped with the skills and tools to keep them safe and comfortable while they stay with us.

Community Pets Give Greenlin Two Paws Up

If you're planning a trip, you may have noticed how difficult it is to accommodate pets every step of the way. Most activities you plan for won’t be safe or enjoyable for your pet to join in. Instead of leaving them at home waiting for your return, give them a vacation with Greenlin Pet Resorts. We have compiled your pet’s favorite luxuries into one spacious facility. Our goal is to provide a memorable experience for every guest we serve. Our loving caregivers will go above and beyond to make your pet feel comfortable.

Sometimes life takes you away from home, so make sure your beloved pet maintains a well-rounded schedule while you are gone by booking them a vacation at Greenlin’s Harrisburg boarding lodge! If you want to learn more about our location, contact us online or call 717-678-7326. You are welcome to stop by and see the facility for yourself, too! We are located at 147 N Cameron St, Harrisburg, PA 17101.

Safety is the Most Important Part of Boarding Pets

When you leave your pet in the hands of another caregiver, the first thing you want to know is if they will be safe. At Greenlin, we are responsible for the well-being of each of our guests, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Our facility has ingrained safety procedures into our daily schedule, and we pride ourselves on the precautions we take to keep your family pet safe. You should enjoy your time away from home, not spend it worrying about the wellness of your pets.

To help you gain peace of mind, Greenlin has:

  • Caregivers complete extensive in-house training: Before our pet handlers meet your precious pet, they must complete multiple in-house handling and training programs. On top of that, each staff member is First-aid and CPR-certified.
  • Wellness checks performed daily: We want to ensure that each of our guests is comfortable with us, so every day, one of our skilled caregivers will assess the general well-being of your pet by determining if they are hydrated, well-fed, and comfortable with their daily schedule.
  • Strict sanitization practices: All common areas are thoroughly disinfected once a day, but toys and equipment are sanitized throughout the day as needed. We use non-toxic, pet-safe cleaners that won’t harm our guests.
    Accommodations for special needs pets: Every pet deserves the chance to enjoy a luxury vacation! If your pet needs extra attention, medication distribution, or other special requirements, contact us to learn more about how we can accommodate!

Pets Boarding in Our Facility Enjoy Luxurious Amenities and Top-of-the-line Care!

Pets are treated like royalty at Greenlin. Our facility has a long list of customizable amenities that can help make your pet’s experience more memorable. Whether you have a couch potato or socialite, Greenlin has customizations for your beloved family pet.

When they stay with Greenlin, your pet will enjoy:

  • Spacious, private suites: Our pet boarding service offers roomy suites to retreat to for rest and relaxation between all the excitement.
  • Air-filtered and climate-controlled facility: We have invested in a state-of-the-art filtration system that removes dust, dirt, and dander from the air so your pets always breathe in the cleanest. We also keep the facility climate-controlled, so guests stay at a comfortable temperature regardless of the weather.
  • Filtered water replenished throughout the day: With a full day of fun, your pet is bound to get thirsty. We will replenish their water as needed, so it stays fresh and cold!
  • Meal time on their preferred schedule: Your pet’s eating schedule is one of the most impactful parts of their day, so we’d never want to change that. We encourage pet parents to bring in a portioned supply of their pet’s traditional diet, along with feeding instructions, to give the best mealtime possible. We also offer an in-house option for a small additional fee. Don’t forget to pack the treats!
  • Nightly Bedtime Stories: One of our amazing customizations is that you can request for one of our loving caregivers to share a nightly routine with your pet. Our caregiver will tuck them into bed, read a bedtime story, and then give them a kiss goodnight before letting them drift off into dreamland.

Greenlin is the Disneyland for Dogs!

Dogs are naturally excited creatures who love to explore new environments. We have built a safe place for dogs to freely run around, play, and make friends. They can enjoy play equipment and spacious grass fields or even spend the day learning with a scheduled training session! There is no limit to the adventures that dogs have when they board with Greenlin.

Dogs can enjoy:

  • Spacious indoor and outdoor play areas: We have a play environment for every weather condition. On sunny days, dogs can enjoy running around our grassy fields (protected by our double fencing system). When the weather is less convenient, our facility includes a vast indoor play space where training and activities take place.
  • Playgroups that match likely friends: The best part about boarding for pets is that they’ll come home after making a bunch of new friends! We organize doggy play groups by age, size, temperament, and other related factors to promote positive socialization.
  • Specialized care for young puppies and seniors: Certain dogs may need more attention, like extra bathroom breaks, check-ups, and for seniors, orthopedic bedding. If your special pup requires medication or vitamins, we have trained caregivers who can distribute them.
  • Added training sessions: You can pair our pet boarding services with other add-ons like an enriching training session. Our certified trainers can help your dog learn basic commands, tricks, or desired behaviors that’ll impress you when you come to pick them up!
  • A day at the spa: After a long day of activities at Greenlin, your pup may need a bath to feel and look clean. We can offer basic or premium baths, nail trimming, and brush-out services. Your dog’s skin is their largest organ and the first line of defense against the germs of the world. Consistent skin and coat maintenance can help them feel like a literal weight has been lifted off their back.

Greenlin Offers the Best Pet Boarding in Harrisburg

We know that life can’t always be centered around the house, but while you’re away, your pets miss you. Our pets appreciate the time we spend with them and eventually grow to expect it. By leaving your pet unaccompanied, they can develop anxiety or result in undesirable behavior like chewing, scratching, or otherwise destroying your possessions. When you leave your pet in the hands of our qualified caregivers, we can offer them the affection they seek while providing a safe space to lounge around when you can’t be home.

If you plan on going out of town soon, book your pet a luxurious suite at Greenlin Harrisburg. Our facility has been named “Simply the Best” in business by a local publication, Harrisburg Magazine.

To learn more about our exciting amenities or pet care strategies, call 717-678-7326 or contact us online! In the area? We welcome you to stop by! Our facility is located at 147 N Cameron St, Harrisburg, PA 17101.