Cat Boarding in Mechanicsburg, PA

Grey and white fluffy cat plays with toys at a cat boarding facility.

When you go out of town and can’t take your feline friend along, you want to ensure they’re being cared for appropriately. You could ask a friend or relative to stop by your house and monitor the food and litter situation once a day, but your cat needs more frequent attention. You want to know that they’re not lonely, hopelessly tangled up in the blinds, or upset that their favorite catnip toy is stuck under the couch all that time. You need a cat boarding facility to give your pet the care and attention they deserve.

Greenlin Pet Resorts’ feline friends enjoy their own space, apart from our dog lodging. Cats feel at home in our kitty condos at Greenlin West, with access to natural light, cat toys, and climbing structures. Here are some of the features your cat will enjoy at our Mechanicsburg location:

  • Plenty of space to run and play. They need to get in that 3 AM exercise even when you’re away, right?
  • Comprehensive wellness checks each day from our trained staff.
  • One-on-one interaction with our caregivers for cats who appreciate human company.
  • A continuous-access water and food station so your pet can eat and drink when they feel like it. Providing your cat’s regular diet is the preferred option to help maintain their routine, but we can provide a premium in-house option for a small charge.
  • An always-fresh litter with boxes cleaned daily.
  • Our friendly staff will play games or pet and brush a lap cat, depending on your pet’s preference.

Boarding for Cats: Preparing for Your Trip

Many pet owners are concerned or anxious about leaving their cat in a boarding facility, especially if it’s for the first time. Even with friendly, supportive staff and a comfortable setting, the shift to a new environment can be challenging for some cats. We want to help make the process as smooth as possible, so here are some steps you can take to help prepare your pet for their visit with us:

Consistency is key. Pack your cat’s usual food and a few favorite cat toys so they will feel more at home even in new surroundings. Avoid sudden changes to their diet or brand of food right before your trip. The familiarity of their usual dinner and items that smell like home will help them ease into the boarding facility. Your cat’s favorite blanket or a sweater that smells like you may also help.

Plan for your cat’s healthcare needs. Pack the cat’s medications with clear, typed instructions for how and when they should be given to your cat. If your four-legged friend will only take a pill if it’s stuffed inside a particular treat, write that down (and include a bag of the treats, too). Explain your cat’s health issues and any symptoms the staff should be aware of, and include your vet’s contact info in case there’s a problem.

Secure copies of your cat’s vaccination records and spay/neuter records. All cats should be up to date on these preventive measures before being boarded.

Check your cat for fleas, and administer flea treatments as necessary. If your cat is on regular flea treatment, ensure they’re current before dropping them off.

White and black cat cuddles on a blanket at a cat boarding facility.

Be realistic about how long your pet will need to stay at the facility. We love cats, but we can only accommodate so many at a time. Sometimes we just don’t have the room to keep your pet an extra few days. We understand emergencies happen, but we recommend booking an extra day or two if you think you might be gone a few days longer or that you’ll be too tired to pick up your pet after getting off the plane. It’s much easier to have a pet picked up early than have one picked up late.

Make a list of things that calm and comfort your cat if they’re upset, like their favorite toy or treat. Include information about their usual feeding times so we can keep them on a consistent schedule.

How social is your cat? Some cats are okay with being around other felines, while others get jealous, territorial, or aggressive. Please be honest – we can handle social issues only if we know what to expect. If your cat prefers to be away from other animals, we can arrange for them to stay in their cat condos with plenty of attention from our staff. Our cat and dog areas are separate.

Let us know if your cat has any other preferences, so we can avoid inadvertently making them uncomfortable. For example, please tell us if your cat hates to be scratched behind the ears or can’t stand squeaky toys for some reason. We know that spending time in a new place can be stressful for your cat, and we want to do everything possible to make the transition as easy as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Boarding Cats?

There are multiple reasons that people choose to board their pets when they have to be away from home. Here are some of the benefits of ensuring your cat is well-cared for at a safe boarding facility in Mechanicsburg:

  • You know your cat can get into mischief around your home – and you wouldn’t have it any other way! But if your little mischief-maker gets hurt or stuck somewhere they shouldn’t be, you want someone present who can help them. The same is true if your cat suddenly becomes ill. Our boarding facility staff will keep an eye on your furry friend and get them medical attention in an emergency.
  • If your cat requires medication or other special care, we’ll be able to deliver it as needed. Our staff members are also trained in pet CPR and first aid.
  • Climate control keeps your cat comfortable, and someone will be available to make arrangements if they need extra cooling or heating.
  • Attentive staff members give your cat as much – or as little – attention as they need. We know that some cats are people-shy, while others get lonely and feel better if they have company.
  • Want to know how your cat is doing while you’re away? You’ll be able to call and find out how your pet is doing. We’re well aware that boarding a cat can be a little stressful for humans, too – you want to know that your companion is doing all right in your absence. With our optional picture service, we can also text you photos to update you on your cat.
  • Cats love our kitty condos, which let in natural light – perfect for that afternoon nap in the sun. They also provide a quiet area for the cat who likes to be alone.
  • Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and tries to get to know each unique boarder. We believe that when you board cats, you should approach each one as an individual.

What Do Other Mechanicsburg, PA Pet Owners Think About Boarding a Cat at Greenlin West Pet Resorts?

Previous clients appreciate the spacious cat condos, personalized attention, and interactive environment we provide for their cats. Often people return whenever they need to travel because they know we’ll take good care of their cat. We also frequently receive referrals from pet owners who recommended us to friends.

How Far Ahead Should You Call About Boarding Cats?

Grey cat plays with toys at a boarding facility.

We have to limit ourselves to the number we can responsibly care for at one time. The earlier you book your cat’s visit, the more likely it is that we’ll have an opening, so we suggest calling as soon as you have the dates of your trip. If this is your first time boarding with us, we’ll review the requirements and identify anything you need to do before dropping off your cat, like picking up copies of their vaccination records. We find that this helps to avoid any last-minute difficulties and stress.

Although planning ahead is always better, we understand that emergencies sometimes happen. If you have to leave town suddenly for a family emergency or other unexpected event, please call us, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. We can’t guarantee we’ll always have an opening, but we will try to work with you if possible.

Is it Possible to Tour the Cat Boarding Facilities?

We’d love to show you around the cat condos and group play areas your feline friend will be staying in. Walk-in tours at Greenlin West in Mechanicsburg are available daily between 11 AM and 3 PM.

How Can You Contact Us for More Information?

Please call using the numbers on our contact page – each location has its number. Or you can use the online contact form to request more information. We look forward to hearing from you!