Mechanicsburg Dog Daycare

You love spending time with your dog, but sometimes, you must go to work or run errands. Leaving your pup alone all day may not feel right. Maybe your dog gets into mischief when they’re alone, maybe they bark all day, and the neighbors complain, maybe they have accidents, or maybe you just feel guilty because you know they’re lonely when you’re gone. Fortunately, there is a solution - the Greenlin dog daycare in Mechanicsburg.

What is Dog Daycare, and is it Right for Your Dog?

Dog daycare is an alternative to leaving your pet home alone for hours at a time. It helps reduce problematic behavior caused by boredom or loneliness by ensuring your dog has company and stimulation. Here are some of the benefits of placing your furry friend in doggy daycare at our Greenlin West location in Mechanicsburg:

a group of friends at dog daycare

  • Your dog will have proper supervision while you’re gone. You won’t have to wonder what piece of furniture will be destroyed when you walk in the door each day because your dog will be in a facility designed just for canine companions, with friendly staff to keep an eye on them.
  • Your dog may start to behave better. Often people seek doggie daycare for an extra outlet when they begin experiencing exuberant energy or behavioral concerns. By taking them to daycare, you ensure that they have enriching activities and opportunities to outlet their energy in an environment supervised by individuals highly trained in pet communication and behavior - instead of lying at home lonely and bored, acting out in frustration.
  • Going to daycare can help relieve separation anxiety. Often pets are nervous about being alone. When they’re with other humans or dogs, they will have less reason to be upset every time you leave. They will also learn that you always return after dropping them off.
  • Your dog will pick up good etiquette for playing around humans and other canines. This will come in handy if you go to the dog park or other dog-friendly events or places.
  • Dog daycares provide socialization for your pet. Do you ever wonder why some dogs are aggressive or reactive while others are friendly and happy to meet strangers? There are multiple possible reasons for reactivity and aggression in dogs, but in many cases, a lack of socialization is a factor. When dogs aren’t around many new people and pets, they may see strangers as a threat. Starting socialization exercises when your dog is a puppy is ideal, but it’s never too late to help your dog ease into making new friends. At Greenlin in Mechanicsburg, we offer supervised group play for dogs and will take a slow approach to help more fearful or aggressive pets become acclimated to new animals and people.
  • Physical and mental stimulation. It’s essential for your dog’s health that they stay physically and mentally active, and some dogs do better with a lot of physical activity. Doggy daycare provides your dog with exercises, fun, and games to help them stay in shape.

If you’re still unsure whether daycare is right for your dog, we encourage you to tour our facility between 11 AM and 3 PM. If you like what you see, bring your dog by for a quick visit to observe how they respond.

What is the Doggie Daycare Facility Like at Greenlin Pet Resorts?

We have five different locations to choose from - here’s a quick rundown of the amenities at each place:

dog daycare guest enjoying the pool at the west location

  • Mechanicsburg, PA. Four acres of fully-fenced yards and an in-ground swimming pool give your canine companion plenty of room to run around and play. Our indoor, climate-controlled play areas offer a safe alternative for your dog on bad weather days.
  • Lamb’s Gap - Mechanicsburg, PA. Nestled in the Blue Mountain area, our Lamb’s Gap dog resort provides state-of-the-art facilities, including a large indoor play area and swimming pool.
  • Hershey - Hummelstown, PA. We have large indoor and outdoor play areas and an indoor swimming pool.
  • East - Middletown, PA. Situated on over 40 acres of farmland, this facility boasts a fenced private dog park and a 3,000-square-foot inside play area.
  • Camp Hill - Camp Hill, PA. This beach-themed facility features a large outdoor swimming pool and interior play areas for all-weather fun.

All locations offer the following amenities for your dog:

  • Our pet care specialists are fully trained, including CPR and first aid classes for dogs, and are ready to lead group play sessions.
  • Supervised play is separated into small groups, so your pet won’t be overwhelmed by too many new canine faces. We separate dogs by size, personality, and temperament. If you have concerns about how well your four-legged friend will do in a group setting, please let us know so we can select the right group to help them thrive.
  • Two layers of fencing protect all our yards, so there is no need to worry that your dog will escape.
  • We maintain low staff-to-dog ratios so that our staff members have the time and ability to keep an eye on all the dogs in their care.
  • Ramps, tunnels, and stairs add to the fun in our play areas and help your dog stay active and fit.
  • When the weather is warm and dogs play outside, we ensure they have access to pools, splash pads, and water sprayers to keep them cool. Pools have multiple levels and depths, so all dogs can enjoy them, and our pet care specialists are always on site for safety. Shaded areas add more cover from the sun. Drinking water is offered frequently, and we don’t let the dogs stay out too long if the weather is very hot. We also check the temperature of the grass to see if the dogs will benefit from booties to protect their feet.
  • Doggie daycare can be combined with puppy training to help your pup stay on track - we recommend this option if your dog has any obedience issues you’d like to improve. Swimming lessons are also available and are an excellent idea to keep your dog safe if they don’t already know how to swim.

How to Get Your Dog Ready for Daycare

Making preparations will help things go smoothly when you’re ready to drop off your pet for their first day. Start by making a visit to your vet to ensure your dog is up to date with all vaccinations - all daycare participants must be up to date on distemper and Bordetella vaccines, and all dogs 16 weeks and older must have rabies shots as well. While at the vet, have your dog checked for fleas and ask about starting them on a flea-and-tick preventive treatment if they don’t take one already. We also recommend spaying or neutering your pet as soon as the vet says they’re old enough.

buddies at west location doggie daycare

When you’ve finished with the veterinarian, starting socializing the dog on your own can be helpful. Things will probably go more smoothly at daycare if they’ve been around people or dogs that don’t live in your household before. Observe how your dog reacts in social situations, so you can let the daycare staff know, and we will plan accordingly to give your pet the support they need.

Think about timing. You might consider signing your dog up for a few half-day sessions at first, so they can ease into the daycare experience slowly. This may be especially helpful with dogs who are shy or anxious.

On your dog’s first day at daycare, pack your pet’s favorite food and treats and any medication they need, and write out your instructions for the staff. Be sure to include information about any medical problems, allergies, and things they like or dislike. We’ll also need your vet’s contact info in case of an emergency.

Try to leave the house early so that neither you nor your furry friend will be stressed. When you arrive, allow your dog to relieve themselves before you go inside - it will make them more comfortable, and it’s also helpful if your dog tends to have accidents when stressed. Act happy and positive, then leave quickly - pet your dog, tell them you’ll be back soon, and don’t linger too long. This will help reduce their anxiety and negative feelings.

How Can You Sign Your Dog Up for Daycare?

We’d love to meet you and your dog and learn more about you. Please call us at our Mechanicsburg location or fill out our online contact form and let us know about your interest in doggie daycare. Our friendly staff at Greenlin will ask you a few questions so we can ensure we’re able to provide the best care. We look forward to meeting you both!