Mechanicsburg Puppy Boarding

Your puppy is full of energy and probably wants to go wherever you do. Sadly, you can’t take them everywhere with you, and sometimes you must make arrangements when you go out of town. At Greenlin West, our experienced staff is prepared to board your pet with special accommodations just for puppies. When you need puppy boarding in Mechanicsburg, your young dog will enjoy these amenities at one of our five facilities in central Pennsylvania:

  • Each puppy gets their own private space, with bedding cleaned daily.
  • We plan activities and exercise for your puppy’s individual needs, including supervised play. Our playgroups are arranged by age, size, and temperament, so your puppy’s group will be a good fit.
  • Each night our extensively trained staff will do a five-point wellness check on your dog to ensure they’re doing well. If anything seems amiss, we’ll give you a call or contact your vet, depending on the situation.
  • We stimulate your pup’s brain with classical music and offer packages that include TV time.
  • Our pet care specialists want your puppy to feel right at home, so we’ll continue with your feeding schedule. Bringing your pup’s usual food is strongly encouraged, as this also helps them maintain their usual routine, but if it isn’t possible, we will serve them our premium in-house puppy food.
  • Our well-trained staff are attentive and will make every effort to keep your puppy comfortable and happy during their stay.

Boarding for Puppies: The Greenlin West Difference

At Greenlin West in Mechanicsburg, we work hard to create a safe, fun atmosphere for all our charges. We know that puppies are unique individuals in the process of developing their own personalities, and we work hard to customize each pup’s experience. By focusing on the following areas, we make sure your puppy is supported in every way possible:

  • Play! Play is essential for puppies. It’s how they learn to interact with the world, including people and other dogs. Growing pups have lots of energy for playing, and our staff accommodate them with walks, fetch, group play, toys, and indoor and outdoor play areas. When the weather allows, your puppy can learn to swim in one of our specially-designed dog swimming pools.
  • Bedtime Stories & Tuck-Ins. If your dog is used to cuddling and kisses at bedtime, we can continue that tradition here. Our staff will give your pet all the care and affection they crave while helping them relax and go to sleep.
  • Attention to your pup’s health. Sometimes very young puppies have health requirements like special feeding instructions, and we’re happy to monitor and care for their needs.
  • Homemade treats. We bake dog treats in-house and deliver them directly to your puppy’s room for a delicious snack.

How Do You Know You’ve Found a Safe Place for Boarding a Puppy?

A boarding facility should prioritize your dog’s health and well-being and should take special care to supervise puppies and work to keep them healthy. At Greenlin West, each of our facilities is designed for your dog’s safety from the floor to the ceiling. Here are some of the many safety features you’ll find at our resorts:

  • Puppies love to make a run for it, so we have double-layered fencing around the whole facility. No worries, your little escape artist will stay here for the duration!
  • Our pet care specialists are trained with vet-approved health and safety techniques, and we come highly recommended by many local vets.
  • All staff members have dog and cat CPR and first aid training, so we know what to do if your pup ever has a health emergency.
  • When you visit one of our facilities, take a deep breath – you’ll notice how clean and fresh the air smells. That’s because we use state-of-the-art air purification devices throughout the building to filter out pollution and microbes, keeping your dog safe.
  • Puppies can be messy, but they thrive in a clean environment. We thoroughly clean and sanitize the facility each day, including your pup’s private quarters, using only pet-safe cleaning products.
  • We require all boarding dogs to be vaccinated for contagious illnesses like Bordetella.
  • When we intake new boarders, we ask about any health issues your dog may have, if they need medication, and what other care they might need. Our staff is skilled at giving pills and other medication to puppies, even if they’re not sure they like pills.
  • Group play participants all receive behavioral evaluations. In addition to putting puppies in groups with similarly sized dogs, we also isolate any dogs that appear to have issues with aggression, so your puppy will not be at risk. Our staff supervises all group play and intervenes if they notice any potentially problematic behavior.

Getting Ready for Puppy Boarding

Even when you’ve found a safe, caring facility for your pup, going to a new place can sometimes be stressful. Your puppy may not have been with you for very long, so they may have a lot of separation anxiety. Additionally, they may not have spent much time around other dogs besides their littermates. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help them adjust better:

  • Plan ahead so your puppy can stick to as many routines as possible. Bring enough of your dog’s regular food and treats for the amount of time the puppy will be staying with us. Also, advise us on your current feeding schedule, so we can give your dog their usual food at the usual times.
  • Pack a few blankets, toys, and other items that “smell like home” to your pup. Dogs often find these items comforting if they’re feeling anxious or lonely.
  • Help us get to know your pet so we can give them the best care possible. We’ll evaluate your pup’s behavior ourselves, but it helps to have your first-hand perspective since dogs may behave differently when their owner isn’t around. We’ll ask you some questions about your dog’s personality. Are they usually very shy around new people or animals, or are they friendly and outgoing to most newcomers? One of the benefits of boarding is that your puppy will gain valuable socialization with other animals, but we like to do this at the right pace for your puppy. If they are shy or anxious, we’ll take it slow. If they’re friendly and eager to meet other pets, we’ll add them to a playgroup of similarly energetic puppies around their age right away.
  • Figure out if your dog has any behavioral issues you’d like us to work on while they’re here. We can combine boarding with obedience training, and we especially recommend this for puppies because it’s best to start training them early. (However, we can also work with more mature dogs.) Many people are delighted when they return from their trip, and their dog has learned to sit, stay, or come when called. We’ll then give you the tools and resources to reinforce this training when you arrive home with your pet.
  • See your vet for copies of your puppy’s vaccine records and to have your pup checked for fleas. Ask your vet about treatment options if the dog has fleas, as they will need to be treated before boarding.
  • Pack any medications the puppy will need, complete instructions for dispensing them, and any other medical history. We also ask for your vet’s contact information in an emergency.
  • If your puppy doesn’t adjust quickly to new people or places, that’s okay. Think about bringing them by for a few hours or a half-day doggie daycare session several days before your trip. If you have time, you can even do several half-day sessions. Then when you drop the puppy off for a longer period, they will be somewhat familiar with the facility and people.
  • Take your puppy for a long walk before dropping them off at the shelter. The exercise will help them release extra energy and feel calmer when arriving.
  • Try to drop your puppy off in the morning, so they have the whole day to get used to things before they need to sleep at night. Avoid lengthy goodbyes – your pup can tell if you’re anxious or sad and may amplify these emotions. Say goodbye quickly and try to be as calm and confident as possible – we know it’s hard, but the less upset you seem, the easier it will be on the puppy.
  • You might consider leaving the puppy with a new toy to play with as a distraction.

Where Can You Get More Information About Puppy Boarding in Mechanicsburg?

We’re excited to learn more about you and your puppy and how we can make the boarding experience better for both of you. Please visit our contact page for the number of the Greenlin West facility, or fill out the contact form. We also encourage you and your puppy to visit during our walk-in hours from 11 AM to 3 PM, or our office staff will schedule a time that works for you.