Mechanicsburg Pet Boarding

At Greenlin West, we know how hard it is to leave your pet when you have to go out of town, and we want to make things as easy as possible for both of you. Our specially designed facility accommodates dogs and cats, and our expertly trained staff are ready to provide exceptional care for your pet. If you’re considering pet boarding in Mechanicsburg, please contact us for more information, or come tour one of our five facilities in the area.

What Can You Expect from the Pet Boarding Services at Greenlin West?

Our goal is to provide a five-star hotel experience for your cat or dog at our Mechanicsburg location. We offer our overnight guests premium packages with different options for your pet’s needs. Additionally, your pet will enjoy the following amenities:

  • Generously sized personal quarters give your pet plenty of room to stretch, roll over, chase their tail, or simply get comfortable.
  • Attentive staff will give each animal a comprehensive, five-point wellness check daily to ensure they’re in good health.
  • Dogs get at least three opportunities to go out for a bathroom break each day with additional outings at your request. Cat litter is scooped daily, so it’s always fresh for your feline friend.
  • We check water dishes and refill them with filtered water multiple times a day.
  • Feeding schedules can be important, and sticking with them helps pets adjust to boarding, so we will maintain the schedule you describe. We also recommend bringing your pet’s preferred food, but if you can’t, we’re happy to serve them our high-quality, in-house pet food.

What Makes the Pet Boarding Service at Greenlin West in Mechanicsburg Ideal for Your Pet?

At all five of our facilities, we work hard to meet your pet’s individual needs. We talk with pet owners to learn more about their cat or dog, go over instructions for care, and tailor our approach for each animal. If your dog needs more exercise or your cat likes to cuddle, we will provide that. Here are some of the ways we can help your pet feel more at home:

  • We observe your pet and chat with you to determine what your pet needs to thrive in a boarding situation.
  • If your pet loves cuddles and kisses, our Bedtime Stories and Tuck-Ins package may be perfect for them. Pet care specialists will spend time cuddling with your pet and regaling them with fun stories to help them relax before bed.
  • Activities! Whether your cat likes chasing that little red dot or your dog loves jumping over hurdles or swimming in a pool, we’ve got you covered with multiple activities packages. Your pet will never be bored here.
  • Have you heard of our 360º of Amenities? Our facilities provide an incredible sensory experience for your pet from floor to ceiling. Outdoors we have fully-fenced, spacious grassy areas with tunnels and slides for your pet’s entertainment. Pools offer your pet an opportunity to cool off and practice swimming skills. Inside, we have climate-controlled play areas so your cat or dog can play even if the weather is unpleasant.
  • We also provide special attention to older and younger dogs. Puppies and kittens need a lot of attention - and so do senior pets. Our youth packages include extra time for training and exercise to burn off all that childhood energy. Meanwhile, a senior package includes orthopedic pet beds and mobility walks to help improve your pet’s flexibility and administration of medication and other needed healthcare. We also separate our supervised playgroups by age, size, and activity level, so your dog will receive the right amount of stimulation.
  • Swimming is an important skill for your pet to learn. It’s also a lot of fun! Our in-ground pools are fully supervised, and if your pet is anxious about water or doesn’t know how to swim, we provide instruction to help them learn. This may protect your pet if they ever unexpectedly find themselves in water in the future.

What Options Do You Have for Cats?

Our pet boarding service for cats features cat condos where your feline friend can retreat when they’re tired of spending time with us pesky humans. On the other hand, if you have a particularly social cat, we’re happy to give them all the cuddles and playtime they like, including the use of feather toys and other feline-focused activities. Your cat will also enjoy:

  • Natural light, perfect for when it’s time to take their tenth nap in the sun for the day.
  • As with dogs, cats receive a comprehensive wellness check each morning to ensure they’re still doing well. If any health issues arise, we’ll call you right away or alert your vet as needed.
  • Your cat will have 24/7 access to a water and feeding station. Again, we recommend that you provide their preferred food, but if necessary, we’re happy to give them our premium in-house cat food.
  • Litter boxes are scooped daily, so your cat always has a fresh tray.
  • Our friendly staff ensures your pet can access toys, treats, brushing, and individual attention if they want it.
    We offer a supervised play group for felines who enjoy hanging out with other cats.
  • The Bedtime Stories and Tuck-Ins package is also available for cats who like to cuddle.

How Do You Make Sure You’re Boarding Pets in a Safe Facility?

At Greenlin West in Mechanicsburg, we work hard to ensure your pet’s safety. This is our utmost concern, and it shows in everything we do:

  • Greenlin Pet Resorts is recommended by many veterinarians in the central Pennsylvania area.
  • Our pet care specialists all receive training in cat and dog CPR and first aid and will seek emergency vet care for your pet if needed.
  • Our state-of-the-art air purification systems continuously circulate fresh air throughout the facility.
  • We know that pets can be messy and that sometimes they become ill. For this reason, we sanitize the facility every day using pet-safe products. We also require proper immunizations for all boarders, and we isolate pets that appear ill during one of our comprehensive wellness checks.
  • Before pets engage in group play, our dog or cat behavioral experts have a one-on-one evaluation to better understand their personality and temperament. Through a rigorous process we match them up with animals of a similar size and personality, and all group activities and pool visits are heavily supervised.

How Can You Make Boarding Pets A Positive Experience?

Preparation can help make the process easier for everyone involved. Our pet boarding services are based on getting to know and understand your pet, so we can form an individual plan to meet their needs. Please let us know the following:

  • Does your pet have any health conditions or allergies, or do they need medication? If they take medication, please include detailed instructions on how and when to give each pill (with food, on an empty stomach, stuffed inside a pill pocket treat, etc.). Also, please list any symptoms we should look out for (lethargy, refusing food, etc.) and what to do if we notice them. We also ask for your vet’s contact information in case your pet needs to be seen while you’re away.
  • What is your pet’s general demeanor like? Our pet specialists will observe your cat or dog and draw their own conclusions, but it helps to know how the animal acts at home, where they feel most comfortable. Some animals behave very differently in new situations.
  • Is there anything that bothers or upsets your pet? Do they have a strong distaste for tuna-flavored cat food, or does a particular kind of toy annoy them instead of amusing them? Are they generally friendly, fearful, or reserved? Do they like strangers petting them, or do they prefer to take their time getting to know a new person? Have they ever behaved aggressively, and what were the circumstances? The answers to these questions will help us place your pet in the most comfortable environment possible.
  • What times do you typically feed your pet, or do you use an auto-feeder at home? We make every effort to stick to the schedule they are used to and will give whatever food you provide. It’s recommended that you don’t make changes to your pet’s diet right before they go to a pets’ boarding facility.
  • What activity level makes your dog or cat happiest? Do they need to spend several hours running around outdoors daily, or do they prefer to nap away the day?
  • Does your pet have any training issues? Please be honest. We have options to combine boarding with training if you need help solving a particular behavioral issue. Knowing that your pet is still working on housebreaking, often barks for no reason, or acts protective of their food dish will help us plan to accommodate their needs.

How Can You Learn More About Greenlin West’s Pet Boarding Services?

Please reach out to us through our contact page. You can also call the Mechanicsburg location to speak with a pet care specialist. We can’t wait to talk with you, meet your cat or dog, and answer any questions you have about boarding pets.