Mechanicsburg Puppy Daycare

A small beagle smiles at the camera at puppy daycare.Your new puppy is adorable, playful, and wants attention all the time - and you’d love to play with them all day, but unfortunately, you do have to work from time to time. Leaving the puppy at home may prove problematic for several reasons:

  • If you’re still working on housebreaking, you won’t be there to take the puppy on frequent walks or correct accidents by rushing them outside.
  • Puppies get bored easily and may become anxious when left alone - separation anxiety is common at this stage of development. They also love chewing on things because their teeth and jaws are growing. These factors can lead to you coming home and finding your couch, slippers, clothes, or other items damaged. Again, these behaviors are difficult to correct hours after the fact.
  • Another consequence of boredom in puppies is the “barking all day” issue, which may lead to complaints from neighbors.
  • Socialization is very important for puppies. It helps them learn to play well with others, both humans and canines alike. If your pup spends much of their time alone in your home, they aren’t getting this crucial aid for their development. This lack of socialization in puppyhood can have severe consequences for your dog later in life.
  • It can be difficult to gauge how much food and water to leave out for a growing puppy. Sometimes you may come home and find the dishes empty and your puppy very hungry.
  • If your puppy somehow gets hurt, you might not know it until you arrive home.

The best way to address all these difficulties is to consider a puppy daycare like Greenlin West in Mechanicsburg. Our caring staff members are attentive and provide as much or as little stimulation as your pup needs, including exercise, games, toys, group play, swimming, and even help with training.

The Benefits of Puppy Socialization

Two young dogs socialize at a puppy boarding facility. Beginning socialization early will help your dog throughout their life. Often we meet older dogs who are fearful or even aggressive when introduced to a group setting with other canines. When this happens, we frequently learn that the dog didn’t have much socialization with other animals as a puppy - now, they don’t know the right way to react in social situations. We get to work correcting these behaviors, but it takes much longer for an adult dog to learn new social skills. Because puppies are still growing and developing, they benefit the most from socialization.

Enrolling your puppy in daycare can help them learn to navigate social situations with dogs or people. They’ll learn to get along and play well with other puppies, which will be helpful throughout their lives. If you want to take your puppy to friends’ houses, parks, or other dog-friendly places, your dog will need these social skills to avoid altercations.

At the same time, play helps keep your puppy healthy. They get exercise running around with other dogs, and socialization makes them more relaxed and comfortable. Home behavior also improves when your pup has a chance to work off their energy playing and engaging in games at daycare.

What Can You Expect from Greenlin Pet Resorts’ Puppy Daycares?

At Greenlin West in Mechanicsburg, we consider your pet’s happiness and comfort our top concern. Our five puppy daycare facilities are laid out for your dog’s enjoyment. Here are some of the many reasons our pet parents love Greenlin West’s daycares:A puppy chews on a yellow toy at a puppy daycare.

  • Outdoor fun! Each of our locations features four acres or more of outdoor paradise with natural and artificial turf for your pet to play on. But don’t worry - we’re entirely fenced in, with double layers of fencing, so there is no chance of your pup getting loose.
  • When the outside weather turns grim, dogs get to enjoy our climate-controlled indoor play gyms with tunnels, ramps, steps, and other fun features. They’ll have so much fun, they’ll forget that they’re indoors.
  • Our indoor facilities also feature state-of-the-art air purification systems, so you can rest assured that your puppy is only breathing the cleanest air.
  • Your dog is in great hands - our highly-trained staff is well-versed in dog CPR and first aid in case of any medical emergency.
  • Group play is enjoyable for puppies but also very safe - we segment our groups by age, personality, and size, so your pup will be with peers. Our pet care experts also supervise the groups to ensure everyone gets along. If there is an altercation between two pups, we quickly separate them and work on training them both to be good canine citizens.
  • Your pup will get plenty of individual attention. We keep our staff-to-dog ratios low so our specialists can give each pup the one-on-one interaction they need.
  • Toys! You know how excited your puppy gets when you take them to the pet store, and they see a whole aisle of toys to play with? That’s what your dog will get at our puppy daycare - a massive selection of toys to choose from. They can play with something new every day.
  • Learning opportunities! We have outdoor pools designed just for your canine companions, and your puppy will have access to swimming lessons in good weather. This is an important skill for all dogs to learn - each year, 400,000 dogs drown due to a lack of swimming skills, and you never know when your dog might unexpectedly end up in the water. We’ll teach your puppy how to use all four legs to swim, improving their comfort, and we’ll show them how to safely get in and out of the pool. Additionally, our splash pads and water sprayers provide extra fun for your pup on those dog days of summer.
  • Our pet care experts will give medication to your puppy or attend to any other medical needs they have. Just let us know the details of what they need and your vet’s contact info
  • More social fun happens when we hold parties, events, and activities throughout the year.

What If Your Dog Isn’t Fully Trained Yet?

Another benefit of enrolling your pet in puppy daycare at Greenlin West is that we can combine daycare with puppy training assistance. Our expert dog trainers will work with your pup at any stage of the process, whether we’re starting from the beginning or helping with any gaps in training. If your dog displays any negative behaviors at daycare, we’ll provide gentle correction and help them learn better responses.

Obedience training works best if you also participate. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to attend daycare with your dog. But a good solution is to take a specific training class with your pet at least once a week. We’ll teach you methods of correcting unwanted behavior and assign you exercises and solutions to work on at home. Then when your dog is in daycare with us, we’ll continue to reinforce good canine behavior. This consistent approach helps your dog progress faster in their training than they would otherwise.

There’s another benefit of socialization - it reveals any knowledge gaps that may need to be corrected with training. Interacting with other dogs and humans opens up opportunities to teach the pup better behavior. Our playgroup supervisors understand dog training and will work with your puppy to improve their behavior. Owners often notice their dog gets better at basics like walking on a leash, sitting, and staying after a few weeks in daycare.

Once your puppy has basic obedience down, you can apply for the AKC STAR Puppy program at our Mechanicsburg location. You’ll take a responsible dog owner’s pledge and attend six classes with your puppy. At the culmination of this course, your dog will allow hugging or holding (based on size), will not display any aggressive behaviors and will tolerate a collar or harness of your choosing. Once an AKC evaluator certifies that your dog has completed training, you’ll receive the AKC Puppy Handbook, a frameable certificate, and a monthly email newsletter from the AKC.

A small furry dog jumps on a trainer's legs at a puppy daycare.Are There Different Options for Puppy Daycare at Greenlin West?

Yes, you can choose from several packages, including half-day sessions (good for puppies new to daycare), obedience training, swimming lessons, and overnight boarding as needed. When we first meet you and your dog at our Mechanicsburg location, we will evaluate your needs and goals and recommend the options we believe will be best for you.

How Can You Learn More About Puppy Daycare in Mechanicsburg?

To find out if puppy daycare is right for you, please visit our contact page, which lists the numbers of all five of our locations near Mechanicsburg, including Greenlin West. Or, you can fill out our contact form while there, and we’ll contact you shortly. Our coordinator will explain requirements like vaccinations and flea prevention and go over what to expect on the first day. We look forward to getting to know you and your new puppy soon.