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Doggie Daycare Pricing


Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we’ve separated the lodging portion of our care from the activity portion, so you can choose the right level of activity for your pet.

Were excited to announce the release of fun, new discounted activity packages for your pet to enjoy while they stay with us!

These discounted packages are designed to ensure your pet has an even happier, healthier and more enriching stay while your away. We’re positive that your furry best friend will love our fun, new activities and yummy gourmet treats.

You can sign your best friend up for these fun packages starting as low as $9.95 per day.

Our overnight room rate for our Lodging starts as low as $29.95 per night with the minimum purchase of our $9.95 Bronze activity package.

Surrounded by new friends and a loving staff,your dog will enjoy countless games and activities. Whether its in our indoor or outdoor play yards or summertime at the pool, our guests are free to live it up under the supervision of our energetic and highly-trained staff.

Playing all day lets your dog burn off his/her extra energy and calories, leaving you with a sleepy, satisfied, and happy dog at your feet come nighttime. Participating in new experiences is an awesome opportunity to keep your dog well-rounded and well socialized. In addition to daily activities we offer our campers themed part celebrations throughout the year.

First timers should consider some doggie daycare before you drop your pet off for an extended stay. This helps us introduce your pet to all the fun activities we have available, and helps us to get to know your camper and their special needs.

You’re allowed to bring your own prepackaged food packets if you so desire, as well as bedding, treats & toys. Put your campers name on everything, its camp and campers love to share with friends, please don’t bring anything of great value. We also ask that you bring the food in a plastic or metal container (no large plastic bags), with pets name on it.


Doggie daycare:

This can be for a full day, or half day.
We have different programs for all the different personalities. High energy campers go in one direction while older more relaxed or smaller campers go in another. At the end of the day, everyone’s happy, especially the moms and dads at pick up time!
Full day of daycare, as low as $21.95 a day
Half day of daycare, as low as $15.95 a day
We do offer multi pet family discounted rates as well.

Over nite climate controlled accommodations as low as $22.95 per night.



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